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Melissa Maria

Melissa Maria is a Master Hairstylist, she has landed amazing projects with some of the industry’s elite music, television and fashion artists. Her work has been featured in NY Fashion Week and Vogue Runway. We were tasked with developing a website redesign that showcased her expertise to industry and editorial representatives.


The redesign proved to be successful in conveying her expertise and worth. She's since landed brand sponsorships and a consistent stream of clients. We worked to ensure her booking platform and online hair was properly integrated with the website.

Lo-Fidelity Mockup

Hand drawn sketches were converted to digital mockups in Figma

Website Prototype Development

Mockups were converted to hi-fidelity prototypes

Custom Wix & Shopify Design

Website was designed with Wix and online store with Shopify tailored to client’s needs

Site Launch

The website was successfully launched, URLs were tested and pages were optimized for search engines.


Melissa Robinson is a salon owner, industry published editorial hairstylist, certified trichologist, hair distributor, and founder serving women who like to look good, women struggling with hair loss, fashion & entertainment industry professionals who need stylists for runway and editorial photoshoots, helping them to achieve amazing hair styles for women of color. She has styled several celebrities for BET’s 2019 Awards ceremony. She has landed clients like America’s Next Top Model runner up Keenyah Hill, April Walker, and Jessica Angel White, and her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and NY Fashion Week to name a few. Melissa has tons of experience and needed to improve her online branding to help showcase all that she has to offer. The website was designed to immediately convey her level of expertise and credibility which would lead to increased bookings, brand partnerships and online sales. We wanted the website to be high-class and ooze luxury. The deliverables of the website include the following:
Design Mockup
Web Design

UI/UX Design

Hand Drawn Sketches

Digital Mockups

Web Development

Custom Wix & Shopify CMS

Responsive Site Design

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The launch proved to be a huge success. The website really elevated her online brand and the integration of AfterPay and Acuity Scheduling has helped to improve her customer experience. Our team worked to make sure all content was properly optimized.
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