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Haitian Ladies Network

We redesigned the Haitian Ladies Network's online presence with a modern, resource-centric website redesign using Webflow. Our primary goal was to modernize the Haitian Ladies Network's website, enhancing user experience with a focus on easy access to resources, joining options, and information about the Haitian Ladies Weekend.


The Haitian Ladies Network faced challenges in modernizing their website to cater to their audience, primarily Haitian women. The website needed to provide quick and efficient access to various resources and information.

Outdated Website Design

The website's old design did not align with the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Haitian Ladies Network, making it less appealing to the young, diverse audience it serves.

Lack of Modern User Experience

The website was not optimized for a modern user experience, which is crucial for engaging the network's audience effectively and maintaining their interest.

Inefficient Resource Accessibility

Members and visitors struggled to quickly find essential resources, such as donation pages and information about the Haitian earthquake, due to a lack of intuitive navigation.


We used Figma for innovative design and Webflow for responsive development. A sitemap was created for content organization, and a brand discovery phase helped align the website with the Network's vision.
Web Design

Figma for Design

Used Figma to create a fresh, visually appealing design that resonates with the Haitian Ladies Network's brand and audience, ensuring the website's look and feel is contemporary and engaging. We also created custom illustrations reflecting Haiti and aspects of the organization's identify & values.

Webflow for Development

Leveraged Webflow to develop a responsive and intuitive website that adapts seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes, enhancing the overall user experience.

Strategic Content Organization

Developed a comprehensive sitemap and employed a brand discovery process to reorganize the website's content. This approach ensured that essential information and resources were easily accessible and logically structured for users.

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Post redesign, the Haitian Ladies Network's website now offers a modern, user-friendly experience with improved access to resources, resulting in enhanced engagement and community involvement.
  • Modern Design Implementation
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Improved Resource Access
  • Increased Community Engagement
  • Streamlined Content Navigation
  • Elevated Brand Perception
  • Empowered User Community
  • Culturally Relevant Interface